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  • Living arrangements

    Data showing living arrangements of residents in Plymouth
  • Physical environment

    Data showing the breakdown of the Physical Environment Domain in Plymouth. This material is Crown Copyright. You may re-use this information (not including logos) free of charge...
  • Bus Stops

    Data showing geographic locations of all bus stops within the Plymouth boundary.
  • Resident Population

    Data showing the usual resident population of Plymouth including data on: sex; households; communal establishments; school children/full-time student; area and density.
  • Industries

    Data showing the industries Plymouth residents worked in.
  • Language

    Data showing the language spoken at home in Plymouth.
  • Long Term Illness

    Data showing limiting-long term illness in Plymouth.
  • Self Reported Bad Health

    Dataset taken from the census of mar 2011which shows the number of people in each ward in Plymouth who answered to the Question of “Do you consider yourself to have bad health”...
  • General Health

    Data showing the self-reported health of Plymouth's residents in 2011 . Source: Office for National Statistics This data shows numbers who answered to the Question of “Do you...
  • Ancient Trees

    Data showing the location of all the ancient trees in Plymouth prior to 2016. Any changes in the records of ancient trees made since then will not be reflected within this data.
  • Students and Academic Results

    Data showing qualification details and employment status of full-time students in Plymouth.
  • Population Density

    Data showing the population density of Plymouth.
  • Proficiency in English

    Data showing how proficient Plymouth residents are in English.
  • Year of arrival to UK

    Data showing the year in which foreign born Plymouth residents arrived in the UK.
  • Main Language Spoken

    Data showing the main languages spoken in Plymouth by population numbers.
  • Religion

    Data showing the religion of Plymouth residents.
  • Passports Held

    Data showing the types of passports held by Plymouth residents.
  • Occupation Classification

    Data showing occupations by classification in Plymouth.
  • National Identity

    Data showing how people in Plymouth identify themselves by nationality.
  • National Statistics Socio-economic Classification (NS-SeC)

    Data showing the National Statistics Socio-economic Classification of residents in Plymouth.