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  • Football pitches

    Data showing the usage of football pitches in Plymouth by organisation, as recorded in 2016.
  • Household waste

    Data showing the percentage of household waste that was sent to be recycled for re-use and composting in Plymouth between the years 2008 to 2015. This is annual data to be...
  • Sports pitches

    Data showing details on the playing and sports pitches in Plymouth.
  • Cricket pitches

    Data showing the usage of cricket pitches in Plymouth by organisation.
  • Dementia - Plymouth

    Data showing - Dementia - Plymouth
  • Comorbidity - Plymouth

    Data showing Comorbidity - Plymouth
  • COPD - Plymouth

    Data showing COPD - Plymouth
  • AQS Alpha

    An experimental data source for the Air Quality Sensor project. A Collaboration between Chris Hunt (Controlled Frenzy), Gavin Jones and Christian Cook (Elixel).
  • Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust Spend over £25K

    Details of expenditure over £25,000 in Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust. Published as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.
  • Depression - Plymouth

    Data showing Depression - Plymouth
  • Diabetes - Plymouth

    Data showing Diabetes Figures - Plymouth
  • Gender Age - All Visits - Plymouth

    Data showing - Gender Age - All Visits - Plymouth
  • Gender - Age - DR

    Gender - Age - Dr Contact numbers. This is an extract from a GP clinical system and shows the average number of doctor contacts during a 12 month period - December 2014 - Nov 2015.
  • Data Play SOA - Plymouth

    Data Play Super Output Areas - Plymouth This is an extract from a GP clinical system and shows the average number of doctor contacts (tot doc), healthcare practitioner contacts...
  • Mortality Rates Thrive Plymouth

    Mortality rates per 10,000 of people in Plymouth - 2011 - 2013
  • Healthy Eating

    Data is people who answered questions on their health in the Health and Wellbeing Survey in 2006-2008. For example 76 people in Budshead answered the question (weighted based on...
  • Lung Cancer

    Data showing Incidents of Lung Cancer 2010-2014 Please note that this Data is Open on Local Health - Local Health LocalHealth@phe.gov.uk and NOT for commercial use
  • Smoking

    Data taken from the Health and Wellbeing Survey in 2014 showing people in Plymouth who smoke. It shows the number of people in each Plymouth ward that have answered the Health...
  • Consumption of Alcohol

    Data showing percentage of the population that have had a drink containing alcohol more than 4 times a week- based on the 2014 Health and Wellbeing Survey.
  • Plymouth Wellbeing Survey

    Data showing the results of the wellbeing survey undertaken by the Public Health department at Plymouth City Council.
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