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  • Healthy Eating

    Data is people who answered questions on their health in the Health and Wellbeing Survey in 2006-2008. For example 76 people in Budshead answered the question (weighted based on...
  • Mortality Rates Thrive Plymouth

    Mortality rates per 10,000 of people in Plymouth - 2011 - 2013
  • Joint Local Plan maps

    Shapefiles showing the designated and commitment sites within the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan area. CONSULTATION VERSION. These versions of the maps are as...
  • Ancient Trees

    Data showing the location of all the ancient trees in Plymouth prior to 2016. Any changes in the records of ancient trees made since then will not be reflected within this data.
  • Boundary Stones

    Data showing the locations and information about the boundary stones across Plymouth. To find out more about boundary stones in Plymouth please visit:...
  • Housing Land Supply

    Data showing Housing Land Supply.
  • CCTV Cameras

    This Data shows geographic information including longitude and latitude reference points. This geographic data locates all Plymouth City Council's CCTV cameras which are both...
  • Water Quality

    Data showing Plymouth Hoe East Bathing Water Quality. Updated annually, last done in 2016.
  • Recreation Spaces

    Data showing the location of play spaces in Plymouth. Updated 2016. Any changes made after this date will not be reflected in this data set.
  • Libraries

    Data showing the location of all libraries in Plymouth.
  • Methods of Travel to Work

    Data showing how people travel to work in Plymouth.
  • Cars or Vans per Household

    Data showing the amount of cars/vans per household in Plymouth in 2011. Source: Office for National Statistics Please note This material is Crown Copyright. You may re-use this...
  • New Dwellings

    Data showing how many new dwellings have been built in Plymouth Including: brownfield sites; conversions; garden land and non-residential greenfield sites.
  • Marine Nature Conservation

    Data showing the habitat point records from the 1993 Marine Nature Conservation Review (MNCR) Plymouth survey training data at Bovisand Bay. One time snapshot from 1993, not...
  • Land Use

    Data showing the land use statistics of previously-developed land in Plymouth.
  • Council Spend over £500

    Data showing Plymouth City Council spend over £500.
  • Students and Academic Results

    Data showing qualification details and employment status of full-time students in Plymouth.
  • Economic Development

    Statistics on the Economic Development Scorecard for Plymouth City Council for the year 2106. This data is available yearly.
  • Housing Types

    Data showing housing types in Plymouth. Including type of house, number and % of homes. - March 2011
  • Population Density

    Data showing the population density of Plymouth.
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