Housing Waiting List

This data has been taken from LGInform at http://lginform.local.gov.uk/ Data reference ID:105.

The data shows the total households on the housing waiting list at 1st April. The data is shown by financial year and ranges from 2007/2008 up to 2015/2016.

Local authorities are expected to keep a waiting list of housing applicants in order to deliver their statutory allocation functions.

The housing waiting list should include both households in housing need and those not in housing need.

However, this should exclude existing local authority tenants seeking a transfer within the authority's own stock.

“Housing need” should include those people in identified housing need who are given priority under the authority's allocation scheme and must include those in the “reasonable” preference categories set out in s.167 of the Housing Act 1996, i.e.

(a) people who are homeless (but not owed a homelessness duty);

(b) people owed a homelessness duty because they have been accepted as unintentionally homeless (or threatened with homelessness) and in priority need or intentionally homeless and in priority need, and people accepted as unintentionally homeless and not in priority need and provided with accommodation at the authority's discretion;

(c) people occupying unsanitary or overcrowded housing, or otherwise living in unsatisfactory housing conditions;

(d) people who need to move on medical or welfare grounds, including grounds relating to a disability; and

(e) people who need to move to a particular locality in the district of the housing authority, where failure to meet that need would cause hardship. Regional values are calculated from all single tier and district authorities.

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