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It shows the total number of dwellings in Plymouth. This includes dwellings as defined (in line with the 2001 Census) as a self-contained unit of accommodation.

Self-containment is where all the rooms (including kitchen, bathroom and toilet) in a household's accommodation are behind a door which only that household can use.

Non self-contained household spaces at the same address should be counted together as a single dwelling.

A dwelling can consist of one self-contained household space or two or more non self-contained household spaces at the same address.

Note that hostels with more than one bed spaces which are not managed are counted as one self-contained dwelling (i.e. the owner pays a single council tax). Ancillary dwellings such as 'granny annexes' should be included provided they are self-contained, whether they are physically separated from the main residence or not, as long as the access to the annex is not shared by outside residents (e.g. a shared hallway).

Communal establishments, defined as establishments providing managed residential accommodation, where managed means full-time or part-time supervision of accommodation, are not included. These cover university and college halls of residents, hospital staff accommodation, hostels/homes, hotels, and holiday complexes, defence establishments (but not married quarters) and prisons. However purpose-built (separate) homes (e.g. self-contained flats clustered into units with four to six bedrooms for students or nurses or private sector built units catering specially for single people) are included. Each self-contained unit should be counted as a dwelling. This also applies to purpose-built hostels and staff accommodation for self-contained use. Dual or shared commerce/private use dwellings (e.g. living quarters above commercial premises) are also included. Source name: Communities and Local Government Collection name: Dwelling stock (including vacants)

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